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Story from the Chronic Pain Chronicles (Vol. 3)

I sprained my ankle six or seven days ago. Part of the reason I didn’t seek out a doctor is that other than confirming an injury that I’ve already had on this ankle a few times (thanks, soccer) there aren’t many options for mobility aids for me. This speaks to how normalized certain bodies and types of bodies are in a society. In this case, these types of bodies are able bodies. Continue reading

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Representation is Important

I am taking a quick break from frantically typing my candidacy/Congress paper to write something quickly about representation. I grew up seeing no one that looked anything like me. On first glance, that may seem a little bit odd, given … Continue reading

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Not dis/abled enough

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know how I should be labeling myself between able-bodied and dis/abled because I tend to fluctuate. It seems on some days things are better (=easier) than others. Given that my bones are now fused, … Continue reading

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Loss, longing, and love (part one)

It’s been a difficult week, as part of a difficult academic year, as a piece of a difficult series of months. In spite of this or perhaps because of it, the universe was kind enough to remind me that I … Continue reading

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corpus alienum

Today I had a rather unfortunate run-in with a piece of concrete hidden in a snow drift. As has happened many times before, I was on the ground before I really knew what happened. This incident caused me to cut … Continue reading

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Surgery is disabling and isolating

Yesterday I was so happy to be able to go for a walk that I was brought to tears. It sounds like such a minuscule thing, but considering how difficult my recovery has been I saw it as a significant … Continue reading

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The night before surgery

‘Twas the night before surgery And all through the house not a creature was stirring Not even a mouse… Wait. No. That’s not how it goes does it? In 13.5 hours I will be on the operating table and ready … Continue reading

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