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Congress 2017 – The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands: A Settler Colonial Reconciliatory Facade

Despite not going to Congress this year, I noticed an awful lot of problematic things. Here’s a list. Continue reading

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Conferencing While Dis/abled

I was at a conference recently that claimed it was mindful of accessibility when it seems–at least to me–as though it was more of an afterthought. Now, I understand that planning events is very difficult: I have volunteered at conferences many … Continue reading

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To Candidacy…And Beyond: Weeks Three & Four

The last two weeks have been very busy ones. In the few days before I left for Ottawa I managed to churn out 14.5 pages, bringing my total written pages for my candidacy proposal to 61.5. Unfortunately those pages are … Continue reading

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To Candidacy…and Beyond: Week One

I did stuff! I wrote things! Seeing that I initiated my writing challenge for myself on a Wednesday with the intent of ‘really’ starting on Sunday May 10th, I have a week and a half of update to write. The … Continue reading

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Rules for conference-ing

As an entry point into “real” academic work, graduate students are encouraged to present at academic conferences in order to build their CVs. At this point in my academic career, I’ve presented at approximately fifteen conferences in the last four … Continue reading

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