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Story from the Chronic Pain Chronicles

Increasingly, there are stories in the media about the opioid epidemic happening in Canada, and particularly in the Prairies. People are taking opioids–fentanyl in particular–recreationally, and consequently, many are overdosing with a significant percentage of them dying as a result. … Continue reading

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The Authoritative Voice in the Pronoun Debate

Originally posted on Anthropology As….:
I have often said that it can be frustrating to be an expert in language, because our expertise often goes unrecognized. Language (like culture, or society, or education) is something that is a significant part…

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Random, Non-Academic Thought of the Day

I would much rather spend money on tattoos than a wedding.

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Conferencing While Dis/abled

I was at a conference recently that claimed it was mindful of accessibility when it seems–at least to me–as though it was more of an afterthought. Now, I understand that planning events is very difficult: I have volunteered at conferences many … Continue reading

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Listening, Making Space, and Amplifying

Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States. Words I cannot bear to say aloud (and can barely bring myself to type). Words I had predicted but hoped were too cynical to come true.
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We have lost a teacher: Patrick Wolfe has passed away

I had the opportunity to meet Patrick Wolfe in 2013 at the NAISA conference in Saskatoon: he was the chair of my panel. I found him incredibly kind and very generous in his comments about my paper. For someone who had just … Continue reading

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I’m concerned about your academic career if you talk about this publicly

Originally posted on Moontime Warrior:
What truths would be written if academics weren’t afraid of losing their jobs? What truths would be written if you followed through, with practice, the type of sovereignty and decolonization you theorize in journals? All the times I’ve…

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