To Candidacy and Beyond: Weeks…Uhhh

On Friday I submitted the first draft of my candidacy proposal! It took longer than I thought: I assumed I would be done in about 3.5 months like my MA thesis, which was of a similar proscribed length. Of course I had health-related setbacks, as well as a number of other things due (a major grant proposal, a book chapter, a journal article) and things to do (RA work) that impeded progress. In total I worked on my proposal for 22 weeks and wrote 201 pages.

The final draft of my MA thesis, before references and appendices, when I went to defense was 118 pages. Following my defense it was whittled down to 108. In comparison, the drafts of all of my chapters for candidacy totaled 194 pages.



When I finished editing my proposal, it was 122 double spaced pages, or 30,573 words. I imagine I have at least 20 pages (probably more; I meander a bit when I write) that need to be edited out or synthesized pending my committee’s comments and review. I will receive those later this week. Nevertheless, that’s a lot of pages and words. At one time though, I remember ten pages seeming impossible; hopefully this means writing the rest of the dissertation won’t seem as insurmountable.

After more than 1.5 years in this stage of my program, I’m finally almost done.

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