Candidacying in Doubt: Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen

I decided that it would be better (read: more interesting) to do a biweekly posting instead of a weekly one because I’m finding there is a lot of repetition. If a lot goes on in a particular week, maybe I will write a post that week instead. I guess it’s all up to me, seeing as this is my space and all.

Fourteen Weeks of Candidacy Writing.

Fourteen Weeks of Candidacy Writing.

I’ve been at 111 pages since July 18th. I still have a chapter and a half to write. I did not meet my goal of having a draft done.

Maybe I should be a bit harder on myself, but I’m okay with it. I worked hard to get done what I did, and have had other work and body issues that have impacted my progress. Seeing that I’m human, I also took some days off, and got kind of distracted on others. And, frankly, that’s okay too.

Between now and September 8th I have a LOT of stuff going on, and none of it is related to my candidacy proposal. It is relevant to my CV, and will add to it, but in doing so this will prevent me from being able to work on my proposal. I have something coming out in the Fall issue of Glass Buffalo that needs a bit of editing, my first meeting with my committee is in a week, my book chapter is due August 30th, and my journal article revisions are due September 8th.

How do academics survive? Do academic things? Not burn out? Is there something I’m not getting, or not privy to yet? Do you get a time turner from the Ministry at some point?

Part of my goal while working on my PhD is to achieve a good work-life balance. Things have certainly improved since the first year of my program, but it seems like I have a long way to go yet. I don’t want to be working 8+ hours a day, seven days a week because my body can’t handle it anymore. Eight hours a day for five days a week feels like it would be a bit better, but I need to work on a new system.

In the preface to “Métis”: Race, Recognition, and the Struggle for Indigenous Peoplehood, Chris Andersen mentions the book How to Write a Lot in being instrumental in helping him learn how to, well, write a lot. The other women in my writing group have read or are reading the book, and there is a system in there that I would like to try out as well. It’s a little bit more in-depth that my white board, but along the same premise.

I suppose this kicks off week fifteen of the whole process, which means I need to fix up my board. And I suppose do some writing, too. Perhaps I should find myself a time turner…

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