To Candidacy and Beyond: Weeks Eleven and Twelve

Once again this is a combined post because I forgot to update again last weekend.

To be fair, I was all out of sorts ( = sad) because a bird flew into a window and died on my balcony. Though initially my parents thought I was going to become a veterinarian when I grew up, vet school was never a serious consideration because I get so upset when animals pass away. Even though I would know it was for the best I could never be responsible for putting an animal down. There would be too many tears.

This event was a few days after a magpie had been hit on my car on my street, and other magpies gathered around the body to pay their respects. Fifteen magpies sitting in a circle around their fallen comrade is a moving, albeit heartbreaking, sight. RIP little birbs; I hope your lives were happy ones.

Aside from the sadness in my last few weeks, there was a Really Good Thing that happened. A paper of mine based on some of the work from my MA thesis has been accepted in the Canadian Journal of History! Revisions are due in a little bit over a month, and I think the issue is due to come out in the early spring. In other news, I still do not like Chicago citation style. It is ugly and gross. So there.

My candidacy committee has also been set up…which is mildly terrifying. At the moment, there are five faculty members who have signed on to comment on and critique my candidacy proposal, and therefore my proposed dissertation project as a whole. The hope–my body of course permitting–is that I will have my oral exam in December. This means I have about two months to finish my draft. I can do this, I hope.

Otherwise the last two weeks have been filled with working on my AERA conference application (completed, submitted), my grant application, scholarship applications, and some job applications for the upcoming academic year. A bunch of those are due on Tuesday and I’m plugging away at them as best I can.

Of course, complicating my life in the past few days was the fact that I was in the worst flare I’ve had since the winter, which took me out for a day and a half. This was a nausea-inducing, Strong RX Drugs, terrible painsomnia, and physically-unable-to-read-a-book levels of pain kind of flare. It wasn’t all bad however because I ordered pizza so I could feed myself (pizza solves most problems in [my] life) and got to watch a bunch of stuff on Netflix (Frida is still an amazing film, if you’re keeping tabs). I’m exhausted from the lack of sleep and all the drugs, but I’m feeling considerably better than I was.

Tomorrow I will be back to the applications; Tuesday onward I will start piecing together bits and pieces of my methodology and theoretical framework. I can do the things. I will do the things.

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