Casual Reminder about Street Harassment in Edmonton

This is a casual reminder for folks that live in Edmonton–but particularly those than identify as men–that street harassment occurs frequently in this city. It is endemic. It is unwanted and degrading. It is violent and disgusting. This is also a reminder that if you’re a women walking alone by yourself at night that this harassment can be terrifying.

It doesn’t matter what you were or were not wearing.

It doesn’t matter how much skin was or was not showing.

It doesn’t matter what you were or were not doing.

Catcalling, car honking, whistling, et cetera is sexual harassment.  It is not flattering. It is gendered violence.

Edmonton recently ranked second-to-worst in a national study about the quality of life for women living in twenty-five Canadian cities.  I have no doubt that the incidences of street harassment here play into that ranking.

Nine months ago I wrote a piece where I lamented that

a man will rarely if ever get called out on his behaviour is the problem: I have seen more women call out men for their words than I have men. In fact, I have never seen a man tell another man his behaviour has been inappropriate. Not once.

I’m still waiting, men of yeg. Step. The. Fuck. Up.

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