To Candidacy and Beyond: Week Ten

I can’t believe it has been ten weeks since I started writing about my candidacy progress. A lot has changed in terms of what I’m thinking about my project and how I will see it come to fruition from the proposal.

But at the same time I have so much left to go and it’s somewhat disheartening. I thought I would be farther along than I am at this point in time. But at the same time, I cannot handle consecutive eight hour days any more.

I met with my supervisor this week, and in doing so I had to submit everything I had completed to date. That meant I had to go through and edit all of my work so far. Between formatting my long quotations, removing parts, and adding others, I managed to increase my total length to 111 pages. This is currently 31-11 pages longer than my proposal is supposed to be.

I know what I’m writing needs work. I have a lot of [This is important because of reasons] and [Transition] embedded in the writing because I couldn’t articulate the importance in a way that wasn’t re-stating what I had previously, or because I was lacking a statement to bridge two different ideas. That is part of my writing process: generally it is the second step (the one following the frustrated swearing), and before my clean copy. I would much rather have something somewhat unintelligible/crass than the mocking cursor.

I also know that there are sections that need to be cut. I’m definitely the type who is worried about missing something, so I am writing down everything I can think of that relates. Word and/or page limits have been an ongoing issue for me.

I’ve joined a wicked writing group with three other awesome ladies that are doing vaguely kinda-sorta similar work. I think it will be really helpful to meet with folks that share similar frustrations. My (caraval) cabal has provided some great discussion about matters distantly and kinda related to my work as well. I think these support groups are crucial for me getting through the next six weeks of the summer.

This week I’m working on articulating, drafting and finalizing my application for AERA, copyediting a journal article, and drafting a grant proposal, which happens to be a (much) shorter version of my candidacy proposal.

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