To Candidacy and Beyond: Weeks Eight and Nine

I spent a good portion of last week trying to figure out what I had forgotten, or was missing. It turns out it was writing an update last week. Oops.

Last week I wrote eighteen pages, and this week I wrote eighteen and a half pages, bringing my draft total to 96 pages. I have now completed drafts of two out of three sections of my literature review, and somewhere between a third and half of my introduction. This is progress. Good progress.

Progress despite the extreme heat and humidity; progress despite being in pain on most days. Progress despite fighting my body every step of the way.

I also need to find some time to work on my book chapter that’s due at the end of August. The joys of being chronically ill AND a grad student. Life has taken a rather Sisyphean quality for two years now; I would kind of like a break for a few days, if the gods are listening.

This week I’m spending most of my time editing down what I’ve written so far and re-writing my chapter headings and subheadings for a meeting with my supervisor later this week. If I somehow manage to complete these tasks early, I will be adding more to my introduction.

I am also hoping that we get rain. It has been such a hot and dry summer that there are forest fires burning in BC, Saskatchewan, and throughout Alberta, which is contributing to poor air quality in all three provinces. Yesterday and today the air quality here was 10/10, or severe; this means you’re not supposed to spend time outside and it can cause breathing problems regardless of your health status. The haze is so bad it’s literally impacting the visibility out my window.  Of course, your [C]rime Minister has been completely silent on the issue, despite more than 13,000 people being evacuated in Saskatchewan so far and fire fighters coming from Mexico to help fight the fires. Nothing to see here. Everything’s fine. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

We are supposed to get some rain within an hour’s time; judging by how much the wind has picked up since starting this post I hope it’s true. I’m really hoping that for the health and safety of everyone and everything–plants, animals, and people–it arrives as forecasted.

I really, really want to finish my full draft of this by September–especially since my last two surgeries have negatively impacted my ability to complete work in a timely manner–but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out here without some sort of reprieve. I can’t work if my body won’t let me.

Until next week.

I’m really feeling this song right now (scene kid 5ever).

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One Response to To Candidacy and Beyond: Weeks Eight and Nine

  1. Frank says:

    May I suggest a book that may help (even inspire)???

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