To Candidacy…And Beyond: Week Seven

Another week another several pages of notes and no writing. Unlike the previous three weeks however, I’ve finished with my batch of book sources. In fact, I finished on Friday. I just didn’t happen to do any work on the weekend.

This was at least in part due to the heat. I have a hard time functioning in high temperatures (those over 30C) without air conditioning; more specifically, the heat makes it hard for me to think, as it seems to do with most folks. When the weather is humid, as it is today, it is also a problem. [Why does Ororo Munroe never answer my cries for help?]

My not getting work done also had to do with a going away party and soccer. Edmonton is one of the host cities of the Women’s World Cup, and I was given the opportunity to see the Japan versus Australia game on Saturday (final result 1-0). It was really great to watch the game, but at the same time it made me a little bit sad.

I played soccer fairly competitively until I was eighteen, but had to stop due to illness. I played intramural games off and on since undergrad but was forced to quit after last year. I found that too many people were playing too dirty for my liking (i.e. scratching, elbowing, tripping, pulling, charging [this was a thing men bigger than me liked to do in particular]) and it was too much of an injury risk for me. I’ve always played aggressively so I’m used to getting knocked around a bit, but this level of aggression–which is really anger and lack of fair play–is just too dangerous for me.

Sunday was even hotter (I think it went up to 34C), so I spent as much of my time as possible not moving or thinking. I had anticipated getting back into the swing of things on Monday (today) but the humidity has been anywhere from 53%-67% and as a result I’m in too much pain to work.  This isn’t to say I’ve done nothing all day, but I had to focus my energy on completing the things I needed to do like buying and preparing food.

I’m hoping that the forecasted rain actually comes tonight–which we desperately need–so I can get some relief…and sleep.

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