To Candidacy…And Beyond: Week Six

Guess who still has no written words to show progress? ME! Guess who is okay with it? ME! *shrug*

With my ability to work being dependent on the weather I can’t always assume every week will be a highly productive week. This week I did get stuff done–I took out 22 books from the library and have finished with ten of them–but not actual writing. I suppose, however, that when I take notes I half write half take notes, which gives me little paragraphs that I then transition into each other. At present I have 16 pages or 8300 pages of these things for two sections, so this means I should be able to churn out something next week.

I am doing something, right, I guess, as my supervisor had no qualms with my annual report that I submitted earlier this week.

And that…is all. I’m tired and should probably make dinner so I can read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the umpteenth time. Then I can start on one of the three YA boxed sets I bought (after I read Four).  Uninspiring post is generally uninspiring.

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