My City is a Bigot

Powerful, and needed piece by Zoe Todd on the politics of racialization and racism in Edmonton.

Urbane Adventurer: Amiskwacî

I am a white passing Métis woman. I look white. You probably read my body and my speech as white. I have been working in middle class contexts for so long that I can pass through your conferences and halls with ease. I look like I belong. I can pretend I care about your stories from your fancy private school upbringing at Upper Canada College or College Brebeuf, even as I am mentally calculating, while you talk, how much money to save just in case a friend needs an emergency loan.  

This whiteness gives me privilege. I don’t deny it. I never consider myself, though Indigenous, to have ANY claim to the experiences of People of Colour. I work hard not to conflate my experiences with those of First Nations or Inuit or Métis peoples who are ‘visibly Indigenous’.

But not all members of my family pass your metrics…

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