To Candidacy…And Beyond: Week Two

This week was also a productive one in terms of writing.

Though submitting that grant proposal took up some of my writing time for the latter half of the long weekend, and editing a large project for a friend took up a lot of Monday and Tuesday, I managed to crank out 23 pages this week. They may not be 23 excellent pages of writing, but they are 23 pages of writing. That brings my total completed pages to 47.

I am however going to be spend the rest of today more or less frantically typing, as I still have a lot of policy to write about. Thankfully, what I am writing will in turn become my presentation for Congress (albeit shortened considerably). I was trying to avoid working on my presentation until the last minute, but it looks like that is going to happen. This is also nothing new. I kind of really dislike presenting at conferences and procrastinate when preparing for them.

One thing that is of concern in writing this…monolith I’m working on is how relevant it will end up being for candidacy. I speculate that the (federal) history of Indigenous education policy portion I am working on will be in and around 60 pages when I finish this draft. My candidacy proposal is supposed to be between 80-100 or so, and this document is only focusing on one particular aspect of my literature review. Granted, some of the reason for the length is how long the quotations from Members of Parliament are. Apparently politicians really like to talk and hear themselves talk? This seems to have been amplified when talking about matters they have no understanding of. Some significant synthesizing of what I have will commence later.

That’s…it I suppose. I will be combining my next two weeks (May 24-30 and May 31-June 6) and considering them as one, since I will be at Congress and CHESS in Ottawa May 28-June 2.

Until then! I’m going to listen to some terribad (?) 90’s dance music to keep me motivated.


PPS – Don’t trust American media (it’s the Wild ROSE party not the WildHORSE party) to talk about the NDP cabinet getting sworn in today:

Screenshot (35)

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