To Candidacy…and Beyond: Week One

I did stuff! I wrote things!

Seeing that I initiated my writing challenge for myself on a Wednesday with the intent of ‘really’ starting on Sunday May 10th, I have a week and a half of update to write.

The first thing I noticed is that I had not written as much as I initially thought in my introductory chapter. I thought I had five pages of text, when I had five pages including references and a few notes. It turns out I had a little bit under four pages when I moved my references and notes into other documents elsewhere. This should not be surprising to anyone who knows me well, as I cannot count. This may or may not be the reason I’m not-so-good at math.

From there, I wrote a little bit more in my introductory chapter and about five pages for my lit review chapter. This brought me to 9 pages before the start of my first full week of this candidacy accountability thingy I’m completing right now.

In the last week, I wrote quite a bit exceeding my seven page weekly goal. I ended up with about fifteen pages of content for my lit review, which brings my total written pages to twenty-four. I say this somewhat hesitantly, as what I’m writing will likely need to be synthesized considerably for my lit review; however, it will provide me with more than enough content for my Congress/CSSE paper, and also a potential publication.

I was also fortunate enough to learn this week that a photograph of mine of the sunrise from the High Level Bridge is going to be put in a coffee table book. I was able to write a little bit as well, so I took the opportunity to say that Edmonton is a place of many names, with amiskwaciwâskahikan and pêhonan being the name of this land long before it became Treaty Six territory and Edmonton.  Thanks to Zoe Todd for giving my text a read-through.

My goal for this week is to finish the last hundred years of history I am writing about, but I have a scholarship application due Tuesday that is complicating that (thanks for the five day warning FGSR!). I want to have a really comprehensive paper that I can turn into a good paper presentation, and ideally following feedback as CSSE, a good publication.

Until next week.

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