What should I do?

There are approximately six weeks (or 44 full days) until the end if the term. For my own work, have two term papers I need to finish by the end of April and a book review to write (and need to read said book to review it) by April 14th. As a TA I have 28 papers to mark by April 3rd, 28 papers to mark by April 13th and final exams to invigilate and 28 to mark on April 14th.

To say it’s going to be a rather rough next couple of weeks is an understatement.

My department has it’s research day at the end of April, with abstracts for papers due March 20th. There has been an academic paper I have been sitting on for about three months now, related to post.eight. The question is, do I have the time to write a ten minute paper presentation? I would be submitting the article for publication sometime in the summer, so it would be great to get feedback. But at the same time, I have to talk about my life, which could be very emotional. At the same time, it could perhaps be very cathartic. My primary concern is if it is even plausible: I have a lot to do in little time and this might just add to my stress.


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