Why it’s been a few weeks

I am still very much learning how to navigate this “new” body of mine.

In the little bit over a month since my cast came off healing seems to have slowed down or stopped altogether; I’m not sure if the physiotherapy I’m due to start this week will help, though I hope it has.

At the same time as all of this has been going on, I’m still dealing with a considerable amount if pain, and questioning how much being in pain will be a permanent part of my identity. If that is the case, my ability to work will be compromised significantly since dealing with pain is exhausting. As I have come to learn, being in pain means I need more sleep than I did before.

With the last few weeks requiring a lot of time for my TA/RAship because of marking and creating a program registration system and then getting sick…if something wasn’t essential for me to do, or would involve further brain power, I just couldn’t manage it.

And here we are. I’m still in the process of catching up, with two papers and a book review due in the next six weeks, as well as two more rounds of papers plus a set of final exams to mark.

Getting to the end of the term is going to be tough. Wish me luck.

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