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A note on the Canadian government’s apology for the Indian Residential Schools system

On June 11th 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave a formal apology on behalf of Canadians for the federal government’s implementation of the Indian Residential School system. In the apology, it was noted that it was wrong for the government … Continue reading

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Adventures with medical professionals

Today was my three month post-operative checkup. My doctor said everything looked good, felt good, and I was doing much better (i.e. significant pain reduction since pre-surgery), so I would see him in three months. This I’m happy about. I … Continue reading

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What should I do?

There are approximately six weeks (or 44 full days) until the end if the term. For my own work, have two term papers I need to finish by the end of April and a book review to write (and need … Continue reading

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I’ve been published!

I suppose I should be a little bit more specific: I have been published in an academic peer-reviewed journal as the primary author! I found out on Sunday that my article in In Education is now available online. And now … Continue reading

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Why it’s been a few weeks

I am still very much learning how to navigate this “new” body of mine. In the little bit over a month since my cast came off healing seems to have slowed down or stopped altogether; I’m not sure if the … Continue reading

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