The winter break is rapidly ending

Today I helped the course instructors with the syllabus for next semester as I did in the summer.

Twenty minutes ago I realized that I have three more days before the winter term starts up again.

Where did the time go?

WHERE. DID. THE. TIME. GO???? *flails*

I have apparently done a rather poor job of resting, or it feels that way: the only book I’ve managed to start and finish is Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half, though I’ve watched about two seasons of The X-Files. At the same time, I didn’t complete much academic work either: my article edits, half of my copy editing work, and reading a chapter of a book I’m reviewing are all that I’ve done.

I am aware that determining a satisfactory work-life balance since my surgery has been difficult given that I was in a fair amount of pain for awhile, doing everything with one hand takes so much longer, and because I’ve spent twelve hours in the last two weeks in the emergency room getting new casts fitted.

I kind of feel ridiculous. Having a major surgery and not being able to take a month or two off has made me feel completely incompetent because both the list of things I needed to do and the list of things I wanted to do had numerous things on them. At the same time, I just had major surgery and I managed to complete a few major tasks plus take care of myself and my home.

Have my regular feelings of imposter syndrome intensified since I am literally, physically being held back? I’m not sure.

I think the time is right for me to close my eyes, stick my fingers in my ears (something I can actually do right now!) while yelling “lalalalaimnotlisteninglalalala”.

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