Goals for 2014

I don’t make resolutions, I never have. I find the practice limiting and for the most part kind of absurd, mainly because a lot of people can’t seem to stick with them. But then again I find the over-the-top ridiculousness of New Years Eve, kind of, well, ridiculous.

I do however make goals for myself. With the academic year straddling the new year I’m never really sure where it would be best to actually create these goals, which is perhaps why I do so three times a year instead of only once.

All of this being said, there are a number of things I want to accomplish in this academic term:

  • Complete my remaining three term papers and one art project that I had to get extended due to surgery by the end of January
  • Finish a draft of the book review I have commissioned by early March so I can go over it with the editor
  • Get a list of books and journals I will be using for my candidacy and the journals I will be following by mid-February
  • Think of more ways to use praxis in my classroom and remember to provide a lot of constructive feedback on student papers
  • Have notes taken and thematically organized on at least half of my candidacy sources by the end of April
  • Prepare (edit, re-organize) the second paper I wanted to submit for publication and send it in by mid-March
  • Get more sleep by trying to wake up within an hour of the same time every day (thereby going to bed at around the same time too)
  • Go on some adventures (Elk Island, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Snowshoeing etc)!

    I think these for the most part are all obtainable, but nevertheless, wish me luck.

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