The term is over

I survived the term! I survived the term!

And it certainly was a busy one. What I did/what happened over the past four months can be summed up as follows:

  • Helped get a new course in my faculty up and running
  • Joined three committees in my department: research and scholarship committee (again), department council (again), and the graduate course review committee
  • Presented at the CESA conference in Chicago in September
  • Joined the Global Education Team, giving presentations and workshops
  • Organized and developed the experiential sign-up process for ~265 EDU 211 students
  • Presented at the CGCER bi-annual conference
  • An article I submitted to an academic journal for publication
  • Met Drake at his concert here in YEG
  • And finally, I had my sixth major surgery, the second on my wrist.

Overall it was a great term, albeit one filled with a lot of hard work and many difficulties. I’ve learned a lot–both academically and personally–and I’m eager to see what next semester holds.

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