Why Halloween is so problematic

Yesterday it came to my attention via twitter that the school where I completed my undergraduate degrees was selling Halloween costumes in racist caricatures of Indigenous peoples.

After spending a little bit more time on twitter, I learned that Jemma Wolfe, the current Executive Editor of the McMaster Silhouette wrote an op-ed about the costumes, also voicing her concerns about their problematic nature. At the same time however, Wolfe makes some very slut-shaming comments that I am in no way supportive of.

There is currently a Change.org petition that calls for the McMaster University Campus Store to take these costumes off the shelves. As I complete this article there are 350 signatures of a desired 500. This in less than twenty-four hours, I may add.

I’m hoping this weekend I can find the time to contact the McMaster University Campus Store directly, and get them to answer to why anyone of their staff–from those responsible for ordering to those stocking shelves and selling items–thought this was in any way acceptable.

And in case you were wondering, the individuals who are responsible for sending out tweets to the @maccampusstore account have yet to answer any of the people who have sent tweets about the problematic and offensive nature of what they are selling.

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