What was supposed to be my beginning-of-the-school-year post

When I had initially created this site I had anticipated letting it lay somewhat latent during the rest of the summer months, and starting regular posting once the school year had started. With the last six weeks of my summer being ridiculously busy with my involvement in the administration of a new course in my faculty, that did not happen. And, of course, getting the course up and running in addition to my academic year starting meant I was really, really busy. It’s now the second week in October and the internet has not heard a peep from me (on this social media platform, anyway).

Since it’s perhaps a little bit cheeky at this point to write a long diatribe about what I want this year (given that I’m almost at midterm), I’ve instead narrowed my list down considerably.

By the end of August I have three major goals I want to complete. First, I want to finish my coursework (I’m enrolled in my last two now); second, I want to finish a complete draft of my candidacy proposal; and third, I want to have at least one publication accepted to a peer-reviewed journal.

Although the first of the goals isn’t that big in and of itself, it’s a necessary part of the process as a PhD student. However, items two and three are quite large, and quite important goals which I need to make progress on to move forward in my program.

Another goal is to of course post on here more. I will get on that. I need to get through the SSHRC application process first though.

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